Local Art Initiative

Provo Towne Centre

 Local Art Initiative


In support of our local art community, we are offering our center as a blank canvas to all types of art and related activities.  From murals to gallery strolls, pop up studios to performance art, music or anything else that can be dreamed up, we want to showcase the talents of Provo.

Welcome our newest addition from the art community ARTcetera!

ARTcetera, a student art gallery at Provo Towne Centre, welcomed its first guests on May 9, 2017 during the Grand Opening event.

Students from Provo City School District created pieces of art and curated collections for the gallery. ARTcetera also includes works by Provo alumni who have succeeded in art careers and works by teachers in the district. Many of the student artists were present at the Grand Opening and were excited to show their pieces.

Art is an important tool of education. It teaches good judgement about qualitative relationships, how to see and celebrate multiple perspectives, how problems can have more than one solution, how to express what cannot be said and how to think through and within a material.

If you have any ideas for future exhibits please contact the gallery coordinator James Rees at JamesR@provo.edu.

Monday-Saturday 10a.m.-7p.m.
Closed Sundays

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Our first featured artist is Stine Miyuki:  Stine’s created an 8’x14’ piece of the mountains and the phases of the moon reflecting in the water.  She created the beautiful art piece right here in Provo with all eyes on her through the process.  Her work of art hangs near the west entrance on the upper level by the theater.

Stine Miyuki Oswald

Stine was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1992. She grew up moving around a lot, living in several different states and attending elementary school in Japan. From a young age, her passion was always drawing, and she constantly sought to improve her skills. As she got better, she started receiving commissions to paint and draw for friends and family. In college, she painted business advertisements on a local indoor rock climbing wall and found that she enjoyed working on a larger scale. Over the next couple of years, she expanded to painting murals for businesses as well as homes. She also played around with working with other artistic mediums. She went to school and was certified in special effects makeup, and worked in the make-up industry in California for four years, making zombies, prosthetics and monsters. She then licensed as a cosmetologist and worked as a nail technician, specializing in painting intricate designs of portraits and movie themes on nails.

Stine continues to paint murals, tapestries, and more traditional smaller pieces. Her favorite theme to create is the mystical. She loves painting faces and figures entangled in galaxy’s, sacred geometry and eastern religious themes. Though her main passion is art, she also loves everything holistic and mystical. She is a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki level 2 and 500-hour yoga instructor. Her goal is to help the Western mind more fully embrace the Eastern holistic mindset, and her art is her expression of this. As she paints, she hopes to help others get a glimpse of the intangible spirit becoming manifest in her art.


For more information and to share ideas please contact Heidi Peppers at Heidi.peppers@cbre.com

**We will continue to feature our artists and projects as the initiative moves forward, please visit the center and experience the art work first hand. **